Vapramäe Nature House in English

Vapramäe Nature House is a center in South of Estonia.

Location: Tartumaa, Nõo vald, Vapramäe
Phone number: 5254172; 5088359
You can find an interesting and a new Vapramäe Nature house in Tartumaa, Nõo commune, near the Vapramäe bus stop. There used to be an old bus stop on the same spot that the nature house is located today.
There is a parking lot near the house.

There are hiking tracks. You can download the map here.

In 2011 the project started and in september 2012 the house welcomed its first guests – the sweet family of Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu SA.

The nature house is built similar to a barnyard for a purpose – to blend in with the rest of the land and be as naturefriendly as possible. In the evenings you can only see a windowless green building, but there’s a surprise when the morning comes, because then you can see whole-length windows on the walls that were hiding behind the hatches.

Inside the house there are spaceous classes and state-of-art technics. The walls are covered with limestone, Estonias national stone, and the floors are made of wood and bricks.
The nature house is big enough to accomodate school kids and kindergardeners, families and groups of people interested in nature, in the mean time small enough to feel oneself cozy and like at home. The whole expodition is made to explore and discover nature, flora and fauna.

On the first floor you can see the nature and what is going on in there by looking out from three whole-lenght windows, second floor classroom offers new knowledge through games and experiments. There is also a small library on the second floor.

It is possible to rent the rooms for nature lessons, seminars and for meetings.
Vapramäe Nature house is also happy to offer walks and excursions in Vapramäe (in here).
Catering only when booking beforhand.

Vapramäe Nature house was built with the help of European Regional development Fond.